Collaborative Laboratory for herbal standardization
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Welcome To Collaborative Laboratory For Herbal Standardization, School Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM

Herbal products are gaining increasing importance and general acceptability in Malaysia as nutritional supplements, medicines or as essential ingredients in cosmeceuticals. This popularity is the result of the recognition of the unique biochemistry and therapeutic potential of the herbals as well as acceptance of Malaysian government to promote local herbal products globally through entry point project (EPP) under the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs).

Unfortunately, the escalating use of herbal product has also given rise to the abuse and adulteration of the herbal substances. Standardization of the herbal material is therefore of upmost importance to ensure reproducibility in the manufacturing of herbal products. Standardization and the practice of good quality assurance would lead to development of products which are of high quality, safety and efficacy enabling penetration of the global market.

Collaborative Laboratory for Herbal Standardization (CHEST) (previously known as Centre for Herbal Standardization) is the leading centre in USM with the state-of-the-art facilities to focus in herbal research and services. This centre is one of the research institutions, local universities and government agencies in Malaysia which was given the responsibility to develop Malaysian Herbal Monograph. The monographs serve as a comprehensive reference and provide requisite information in its bid to increase the value of local herbals. In turn, this would elevate the status of the Malaysian herbal industry.

CHEST is devoted to providing services and consultations that consistently meet high quality and performance standards. CHEST is eagerly looking forward to serve you.

Collaborative Laboratory for Herbal Standardization

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia