Overview of CHEST


It is often claimed indigenous knowledge including the 'know-how' in the usage of plants for medicinal purposes are not in alignment with hi-tech drug development. As per now, a venue where indigenous knowledges and drug discoveries are being combined together are scattered and almost non-existence.

Understanding the need to bridge this together, Universiti Sains Malaysia in a joint effort with Biotropics Malaysia Berhad established the Centre for Herbal Standardization in the year of 2011. Also known as CHEST, the centre is located at Science and Art Innovation Space (sains@usm) provides a platform where natural products drug discovery guided by traditional knowledge can be accomplished.

In the last five years, CHEST has placed increasing emphasis in providing solutions and benefits to various corporate as well as government sectors.


To lead in research & services in the aspect of quality, safety and efficacy of herbs.

To achieve recognition in quality laboratory management system.

To contribute towards higher national sustainable development by nurturing herbal research expertise


To be the world leader in herbal service provider, research and development.


QUALITY Create and expect excellence.

INTEGRITY and HONESTY Be honest and have integrity in all we do.

PASSION Be passionate, positive and proud with our roles.

ACCOUNTABILITY Honour expectations and obligations.

PROFESSIONALISM It is our priority.


1. To carry out research on authentication,characterization, profiling, qualitative and quantitative   specification of herbal and medicinal plants and their extract.

2. To develop Malaysian herbal monographs for standard and regulatory purposes.

3. To provide commercial services, technical courses, in-house attachments and consultations in quality, safety and efficacy of herbal extracts to nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industries and authorities.


Head of CHEST                      Professor Dr. Habibah A Wahab

Research Officer                     Dr. Norliyana Mohd Salleh

Research Officer                     Ms. Rosliza Ahmad

Research Officer                     Mr. Mohd. Khairul Nizam Mazlan

Research Officer                     Mr. Teh Eng Huat

Research Officer                     Ms. Husniyah Zainal Aziz

Administration Officer           Ms. Vijayalechumi a/p Valusamy